Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prince George is Ushered into the Christian Family

The future head of the Church of England was christened on Wednesday October 23. Prince George is the newest member of British royal family and he was baptized into the Christian faith by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

For Anglicans in Britain, the church is sometimes perceived as being synonymous with the state. Just as Queen Elizabeth, holds the official roles of “Defender of the Faith” and “Supreme Governor of the Church of England, so will the future king George.

Based on a tradition that dates back to the reformation in the 16th century, king George will be responsible for a number of largely symbolic religious duties.

In addition to being a confirmed member of the Church of England, Prince George will one day promise to "maintain the church" when he takes his coronation oath. From that time he has the symbolic duty of appointing archbishops and bishops. He will also offer his royal assent for church canons legislated by the General Synod and he will be part of the oath of allegiance sworn by all parish priests.

While Will and Kate’s baptism of their son is an extraordinary affair, it is actually the same baptism right that is celebrated by children across England.

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